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ROMOVAL is dedicated to the rehabilitation of buildings, renovation of homes and commercial premises, waterproofing of terraces, façade restoration, patio lights, changing downpipes and general masonry in Valencia. Over 300 customers give us over 15 years of experience we have.

Comprehensive Restoration of buildings

We work anywhere in the building, assigning specialized personnel for each type of intervention and incorporating the most advanced technologies.

Maintaining communities

We have a maintenance division dedicated solely to all kinds of small interventions.

It is not an emergency, but if it is an agile response to within not normally exceed 48 hours since we give notice of repair until moving our supervisor.

Diagnosis and treatment of structural pathology

We identify any pathological condition which afflicts the building and through the development of a technical report we propose the most suitable construction solution.

Department technical architecture

We have a department composed of architects from technical colleges where they perform quality control of the works and steps and formalities necessary for obtaining building permits and grants before the competent bodies.

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Grupo Romoval

Grupo Romoval

Grupo Romoval

Grupo Romoval

Grupo Romoval

Grupo Romoval

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